Foster Homes Needed

JR's Pups N Stuff is a foster based organization. That means that we don't have a shelter to hold our dogs. We rely completely on the kind hearts of volunteers to home and love our dogs until they are adopted. JR's takes care of all expenses and items related to the foster dog, such as vetting, food, toys, treats, kennels, etc. We do our best to help you find a foster dog that fits for your lifestyle. We have a great community of volunteers full of love and a great dedication to these wonderful dogs in need. You can foster as much or as little as you want. Sounds pretty great right? Free puppy love? If you are interested, fill out an application today!

The following dogs are in need of foster homes. To the best of our knowledge, all are dog, cat, and kid friendly, unless otherwise specified.

Dogs in Need of Homes


Gershwin is a 2 yr old male Mastiff. He weighs 50lbs.


Buddy is an awesome 1 yr old male Pointer. I weigh 41 lbs.


Pidge is literally the perfect dog. Crate trained; house trained; walks perfect on leash. NO idea why she hasn't been adopted yet! Due to a situation at the foster home(NOT with Pidge) we need to move her.

Tina Turner

This sweet 5 yr old spaniel mix is shy and would love a quiet place to call home.


Bear is a young male mastiff. He is being returned as he has shown some aggression. The trainer that has been working with him really feels it can be addressed but the current adopter does not feel they are the right fit for him. We are anxious to help him and them get settled into a new spot in life.


Just a beautiful girl like the flower she is named after...this sweet girl (2-3ish) is good with other dogs. Not yet cat tested.


Demeter and Zeus are 7 week old mixes (Mama is Neza). They must be fostered together


Demeter and Zeus are 7 week old mixes (Mama is Neza). They must be fostered together


ZsaZsa and Eva are 7 week old shepherd mixes (Mama is Jolie). They must be fostered together


Ivy is a beautiful little pup - possibly border terrier? Sweet and a little shy!


Neza is a mixed breed beautiful mama of 12! Her pups have all gone into foster homes and she needs one too!


Chester is a 3 yr old Rottweiler Mix (maybe just a hound dog!) He is so sweet and loving! Adores people. He didn't like most male dogs in his previous place, but was recently neutered. We are monitoring and testing him with new dogs.


Clarence is about 14 weeks old and just a beautiful puppy!


Angel is an American Bulldog mix about 3 years old and recent Mom to Clarence. She is sweet as can be! Not yet cat tested.


Jolie is a recent mom to Eva and ZsaZsa and is about 2 years old.


Connie is about 3 yrs old and described as 'perfect'. Sweet and loving and good with all!


Young male (10 mos old) hound dog! Sweet as can be!


Pepper is an awesome 13 yr old DMH. She is sweet and loving.


Shadow is a 4 yr old male Catahoula Leopard. He is a good boy. Housebroken. Will update once we get more information.


Tommy is a 4 yr old male German Shepherd. He is a goofy boy that doesn't know his size. He is housebroken and terrified of crates. He is shy of new people, but once he warms up he is the best cuddler.


4 yr old female Catahoula. She is a housebroken, crate trained. She is a sweetest girl. Gets along with cats. Would be best as only dog. Loves her human people. She is deaf.


Male, 3yr old Catahoula mix. Good boy. Housebroken, crate trained. I walk great on a leash and ride great in a car. I am deaf. Having another dog around would be great to help me understand your commands.


Razor is a 3 yr old pitbull. This boy lived life on a chain until about 9 months ago when we were asked to take him. He had a severe case of heartworm. He is now treated, neutered and doing well. He is somewhat reactive to other dogs as he was not properly socialized but has lived with another dog as well so we know he can do it. He just needs the right mix and a handler who understands him. He is extremely loving with all people.


5yr old male Cocker Spaniel. He is a good boy. Slow to warm up. Keeps his crate clean. On med for Thyroid condition and skin issue.


7yr old female, Rottweiler/Hound. I weigh 42 lbs.