Foster Homes Needed

JR's Pups N Stuff is a foster based organization. That means that we don't have a shelter to hold our dogs. We rely completely on the kind hearts of volunteers to home and love our dogs until they are adopted. JR's takes care of all expenses and items related to the foster dog, such as vetting, food, toys, treats, kennels, etc. We do our best to help you find a foster dog that fits for your lifestyle. We have a great community of volunteers full of love and a great dedication to these wonderful dogs in need. You can foster as much or as little as you want. Sounds pretty great right? Free puppy love? If you are interested, fill out an application today!

The following dogs are in need of foster homes. To the best of our knowledge, all are dog, cat, and kid friendly, unless otherwise specified.

Dogs in Need of Homes

Abigail & Brutus

Abigail and Brutus are a bonded English Mastiff pair. Abigail is 6 yrs old. Brutus is also 6 yrs old. Looking for foster or forever with big breed experience.


Beauty is a female 3 yr old Rottie.


Bertha is a 6 yr old female Akita/German Shepherd. She is housebroken. She can be dog selective so should be only dog in the house.


Brewster is a male rottie. Very Sweet.


Gretchen is a 7 yr old female Dachshund. She is better with an adult household.


Hank is a 4 yr old male Hound.


Ms. Holly is a 1 1/2 yr old hound. Knows basic commands, cuddles, played great with other dogs, walked without pulling, limited barking, etc. She has previously showing a little separation anxiety. She did not like the noises or quick movements. Children over the age of 10 please.

Joey and Bailey

Joey and Bailey are 8 yrs old. Joey is a male Aussie mix and Bailey is a female Staffy mix. They have been together since 6 months old. They are housebroken. They both tolerate cats. Bailey is no small dogs.


John is a 2 yr old Terrier mix. I am the master at fetch and know “drop it.” I am housebroke and crate trained!


Kelly is a male 1 yr old heeler.


Macadamia is a female 3 month old 20 lb mix breed. She is a very sweet puppy.


Mandarin is a female 3 month old Black-Mouth Cur.


Rottweiler who is displaying some fear aggression to strangers. We know she hates hats, pink, and orange. Molly is good with other dogs but will need work being introduced to new people.


Otis is a big goofy boy. He is a 2 yr old male Boerboel. He is housebroken and crate trained. No other dogs.


Pat is a sweet girl. She is 2 yr old hound. She is crate trained. She get along with other dogs.


Pluto is a male Black-Mouth Cur. He is 2 yrs old. He loves the ladies, but tends to guard them. He is housebroken and crate trained.


Rowdy is a male 2 yr old Retriever. He weighs 56 lbs.


Sophia is a female 5 month old Shepherd mix.


Sparrow is a 2 yr old German Shepherd. He is a big boy at 102 lbs.


Tommy is a 5 yr old male German Shepherd. He is house broken and crate trained. He needs to be the only dog and no children. I am a little shy. I do take awhile to warm up to people.


Tucker is a male Great Dane. He is 2 yrs old. He is incredibly sweet and loving with people and other dogs.


Vader is a male 1 yr old terrier. Adults only. Reactive to new people. Enjoys dogs and passed cat test. Crates well during a full work day and overnight.


Valencia is a female 3 month old Black-Mouth Cur.


Willie is a male 6 yr old chow/retriever mix. He is housebroken. He does startle easily. He needs and adult only home.