Foster Homes Needed

JR's Pups N Stuff is a foster based organization. That means that we don't have a shelter to hold our dogs. We rely completely on the kind hearts of volunteers to home and love our dogs until they are adopted. JR's takes care of all expenses and items related to the foster dog, such as vetting, food, toys, treats, kennels, etc. We do our best to help you find a foster dog that fits for your lifestyle. We have a great community of volunteers full of love and a great dedication to these wonderful dogs in need. You can foster as much or as little as you want. Sounds pretty great right? Free puppy love? If you are interested, fill out an application today!

The following dogs are in need of foster homes. To the best of our knowledge, all are dog, cat, and kid friendly, unless otherwise specified.

Dogs in Need of Homes


2 and a half year old Pointer mix male, tripod boy, super sweet!


1 and a half year old Shepherd mix female, momma to the "X men litter", medium sized at 41lbs, eager to please and loves to play with other dogs, she's a real sweetheart!


11 year old medium size Lab mix female, no kids and can be selective with other dogs, sweet as can be and so so well behaved, she LOVES every adult she meets, she's one of my favorites!


11 month old Dachshund mix male


2 year old American Bulldog/Lab mix male. Goofball and will make your heart melt-he's very mellow when in his kennel and loves to lay under his bed. He can jump/climb a short fence so will need to be leashed or in a home with a tall fence!


3 month old Beagle mix female puppy


3 year old Shepherd mix female, momma to the "bambi" puppies


4 year old Husky/Shepherd mix male, very sweet boy, keeps his kennel clean and loves to give hugs. Cody does have some food aggression issues to work on but the love he'll give you is so worth it!


2 year old Am Staff mix female, very well behaved, does have energy to burn but I think being in a home she will mellow out and be just a fantastic dog, I fell in love with this girl quick!


6 year old female Beagle, mostly deaf and blind but very sweet and gets around well, keeps her kennel clean, loves belly rubs and is always happily wagging her tail!


8 year old lab mix male, owner surrender due to owner needing to go into a nursing home, very sweet and mellow boy!


2 year old Rat Terrier/JRT mix female, does well with kids and loves to play outside, small girl at 26lbs


1 year old male Beagle mix


crate trained, house trained, good with other dogs and kids, very friendly sweet boy!


2 and a 1/2 year old Retriever mix, super happy and friendly loving girl! She's described by her Alabama rescuer as near perfect as possible! She is very happy and gets along with most other dogs and keeps her crate clean!


3 year old Golden Retriever mix male, happy boy, he has the cutest short tail! Wary of men and would do best in a home without kids.


38lb Puggle mix male, loyal and devoted, keeps his crate clean, loves to play with other dogs, very easy going dude


3 year old Hound mix female, sweet, gentle girl. Easy to walk. Gives kisses and hugs. Shy, so would really benefit from a home. Slow to warm up to you, even slower to warm up to a man, but eventually does!


3 year old Catahoula/Retriever mix male


1 year old Spaniel mix male, returned recently for mouthy/bitey behavior and separation anxiety. Has been very good for our staff but is mouthy when putting on his leash. He needs some training and manners, but he's so gosh darn cute, I bet you can handle it!


10 month old Dutch Shepherd mix male, shy when first meeting people and more unsure of males, but comes around with good treats! Would love a foster home to give him exercise and fun!


6 year old German Shepherd mix male, this boy is BIG. He has been through a lot in his life, basically living on a chain for most of it. He had a major flea allergy and ear infection and is recovering well, he would love a home to relax in!


2 year old Black Mouth Cur mix male, needs to be an only dog, but LOVES his people!


3 year old male Catahoula mix, little chubby and could use some exercise! Sweet and easy going boy!


8 year old Golden Retriever mix female, very calm and easy going and well trained. She was surrendered with her sister, Shirley, because her owner is dying of cancer. These girls are fantastic and should be such easy fosters!


8 year old Golden Retriever mix, sporting a lion cut right now. SO calm and easy going! Sadly, she was surrendered with her sister, Lois, because he owner is dying of cancer. These girls are fantastic!


3 year old Catahoula mix male, growing his hair back in and he'll be so handsome! Really happy and easy going dude!


1 and a 1/2 year old, 49lb, Pitty mix female, sweet gal, needs to be an only dog


1 and a half year old Shepherd mix male, medium size


2 year old Shepherd mix female, happy, energetic girl, loves to get belly rubs! No cats for this girl


Almost 2 year old Hound mix male, not only is he just STUNNING, but there isn't a bad word to say about him, just awesome dog!


8 year old American Bulldog mix. Foster in AL described him as the perfect energy, love to play and romp around but was very content to just lay around and be lazy too!


Almost 2 year old Boxer mix male, not always great with other dogs but he likes people, cute, nubbin tail, great boy!


Blue is a dog that would REALLY benefit from being in a foster home. At the shelter, he is reactive and barky. But a volunteer took him home for the day and he was wonderful! He is playful and good with other dogs, no cats please! He is smart and a great boy, please consider helping him out!


3 year old Boxer mix male, described by his Alabama foster as an 80lb lab dog, playful and fun and gets along with other dogs!