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Wauwatosa Petco Event - July 9th

Sunday, July 9th
3870 N 124th St, Wauwatosa
10am - 1pm

Come join us at Wauwatosa Petco to meet some of our wonderful and adoptable dogs! Only approved adopters are able to adopt at this event, however, all others are welcome to meet the dogs, fill out applications to adopt or foster and talk to our helpful volunteers! We hope to see you there!

Dogs attending:

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The Daily Sniffer

Look Who Was Just Adopted!

JRs Pups N Stuff celebrated 19 adoptions this week! We had another great social event this weekend; this time we were at The Brick Pub and Grill in Glendale. We hope to see you at some of our upcoming events. Keep an eye on our website to mark your calendars!

Congratulations to Flynn, Yoda, Marty, Chance, Rowan, Muffie, Delilah, Bernadette, Molokai, Jude, Destiny, Butternut, Glitter, Zena, Jaguar, Mason, Cinnamon, Ariel, and Nutmeg!

Look Who Was Just Adopted!

JRs Pups N Stuff celebrated 20 adoptions this week! We had a blast this weekend with a Petco event in Germantown, the Rock N Sole Race, and an awesome event at Matty's Bar and Grille! Phew! Between the heat and all that fun, we are tired! Time to relax in the air conditioning with the pets!

Congratulations to Paul, Stormy, Maci, Ellie, Greg, Nonnie, Jughead, Drake, Hank, Kalaemano, Niihau, Lola, Manford, Tulip, Plotts, Wendy, Arthur, Kraft, Carnie, and Moses!

Look Who Was Just Adopted!

JRs Pups N Stuff celebrated 37 adoptions this week! What a wonderful way to start the sunny month of June! If you want to join the list of happy adopters, head on over to to the "How to Adopt" tab to fill out an application!

Congratulations to Millie, Naughty, Greta, Arlington, Skittles, Petey, Mason, Sassy, Ally, Anthony, Andrew, Emilio, Carolyn, Wilykat, Bug, Israel, Bandit, Veronica, Acme, Balfour, Kauai, Trixie, Landry, Barnet, Reilly, Bella, Opal, Buddha, Stassi, Roni, Cheeze, Cora, Boone, Foxie & Moxie, and Pluto and Hodgins the cats!