Daizee - Adopted May 2017

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Daizee - Adopted May 2017

Postby ajlaughlin » July 21st, 2017, 5:51 pm

I wanted to give you an update on Daisy, a Catahoula we rescued back in May of this year. She is doing VERY well. It was touch and go at first. In the beginning she was fairly territorial with her space and food with our other dog and I don’t think she experienced much love in her life prior to coming into our home. She was a bit frightened to be touched and acted like she didn’t know what pets are for. Boy has that all changed. She has bonded so very well with our family and our other dog Gus and her territorial & food aggression has improved 100 fold. Gus and her can lie next to each other without incident and we can actually feed them in the same room together now. I don’t think she sees Gus as a threat anymore but as a companion. Once in a while we think she “forgets” and lunges but she seems to catch herself & then goes to nudge & lick him because she feels bad. Having a deaf dog really has not been much of a challenge. To get her attention we will gently touch between her shoulder blades and we have been working with a trainer and she responds to hand signals very well. She is such a smart dog with so much love to give us all. She has become quite a protector of our grandchildren and is so gentle with them. Of course we are always present with them and are teaching them proper puppy etiquette. She loves walks and car rides and is a definite tail wagger when we come home at night. She is quite an addition to our family and in time, we would like to adopt another Catahoula. Thank you for allowing us to bring her into our home. She is so loved by us all.

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